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Our Mission/ History

Our Vision, Mission, Values & Goals

Our Vision: Relevant, Passionate, and Life-Changing Churches

Our Mission: To engage, equip, and empower every local church in its mission to develop dynamic disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world

Our Core Values: We value and support ministry that is Christ-centered, outward focused, risk-taking, and effective.

Our Goals:

  • Form engaged disciples
  • Develop effective leaders
  • Foster and sustain vital congregations
  • Create new places for new people
  • Share our stories and connect our people
  • Assess and refine conference structures

UMC – Four Areas of Focus

The Four Areas of Focus express the vision and yearnings of the people of The United Methodist Church:

  • Improving Global Health
  • Ministering With The Poor
  • Growing Vital Churches
  • Developing Leaders

Our Church History


Dr., Thomas Harwood established the first Hispanic Methodist Mission in 1880. It was located on Central Avenue in the area of Old Town Albuquerque. This Church was called Bowman Chapel,

 As the work developed, the need for expansion became evident and three additional mission sites were selected in different quadrants of Albuquerque. These Missions were identified as, Barelas, Martinez Town, and Los Griegos.

In 1922, under the ministry of H.O. Costales, These four Congregations merged into one, and plans were drawn for the construction of a new Church Building. In 1924, the Congregation moved into its new home located on the corner of 6th St. and Gold Avenue in downtown Albuquerque. In 1946, under the ministry of Rev. William B. O’Neil, the mortgage was cleared, and the mission then became a self-supporting congregation with its present name, El Buen Samaritano.

 In 1962, under the ministry of Rev, Simon Nieto, El Buen Samaritano United Methodist Church relocated to its present site, 700 Granite Avenue NW.

 1962 through 1968, Dr. Noe Gonzales served two ministries at El Buen Samaritano. With his efforts, several pieces of Real Estate were acquired for off the street parking. This project was completed in 1989. The landscaping of the Church grounds then followed.

 Other projects of El Buen Samaritano were the acquisition of the two bells located in the courtyard. The larger bell was donated to the Spanish Mission in Peralta, NM in 1876. Rev. John Stelle and Ambrosio Gonzales then headed it. Jose Gutierrez and family members retrieved the smaller bell from the Spanish Mission in Valverde, NM in 1946. It hung in the tower of the Church at 6th and Gold until the Church was demolished. It was salvaged and preserved by the Ignacio Aragon family who returned it to El Buen ‘Samaritano in 1997.Dedication of both bells took place on Palm Sunday, 1997. The Stained glass windows from the old Church were installed in the Chapel of the new Church at the time of construction. Paul Garcia Jr., a grandson of Ignacio E. Aragon, did repairs and additional windows.




                                                  Clergy who have served El Buen Samaritano United Methodist Church


Dr. Thomas Harwood, 1880-
Rev. Juan Martinez, 1897-1899
Rev. ThomasM. Harwood, 1899-1900,1903-1907,
Rev. E. Celso Salazar, 1900-1903,1908-1909
Rev. Seneca Garcia, 1907-1908
Rev. Epigmenio Flores, 1909-1911
Rev. Ambrosio G. Gonzales, 1911-1912
Rev. Luis Tirre, 1912-1918
Rev. Thomas Ogilvie, 1918-1921
Rev. John W. Clutter, 1921-1922
Rev. H.O. Costales, 1922-1936
Rev. Alfredo Macias, 1936-1939
Rev. Ricardo Diaz, 1929-1943
Rev. William Bernardo O’Neill, 1943-1949
Rev. Oscar F. Garza, 1949-1955
Rev. Rueben Reyes, 1955-1956
Rev. Simon Nieto, 1956-1962, 1974-1976
Rev. Noe Gonzales, 1962-1968, 1985-1992
Rev. Paul O Grout, 1968-1974
Rev. Jose G Mendiola, 1976-1978
Rev. Jesus G. Bermudes, 1978-1980,200-2004
Dr. Roberto Gomez, 1980-1983
Rev. Ted Grout, 1983-1985
Rev. Omar Hinojosa, 1992-1994
Rev. David Chavez, 1994-1996
Rev. Abel Vega, 1996-2000
Rev. Rodolfo Barrera, 2004-2009
Rev. David Blanco, 2009-2011
Rev. Michael Dobbs, 2011-2013
Dr. Daniel Florres, 2013-2014
Rev. Francisco Escalera, 2014- 2018



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